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Your home's doors should represent your own style, add charm and value to your property, and, of course, appear inviting to your visitors. After all, they are the entryway to your house. Mapleton Exteriors can install any sort of energy-efficient door to add style to your home while also keeping your property well guarded. We recognize the value of high-quality doors and only install doors that we would use in our own homes.


We are experienced exterior door contractors who can help you with door installation or door replacement in Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph and surrounding areas. Our skilled personnel will be there from start to end to ensure great doors that perform flawlessly. Our task is never done until our valued clients are satisfied! We believe in offering exceptional customer service from the moment you contact us, and you can be certain that when you choose Mapleton Exteriors, your project will be in good hands.

Types of Doors

Still haven’t installed the new door at your home? Here’s a look at some of the various types of doors we can install or replace for you.

    Patio/sliding doors: A patio door is one of the most utilized doors in many people's homes. This is true more so during the summer months when homeowners spend more time outside on the patio or deck. Contact Mapleton Exteriors if you need assistance installing a patio door to easily access your patio. 

    Storm doors: Storms have a tendency to ruin designer entry doors, which is why a storm door becomes necessary to protect your entry door from the elements. Plus, You'll also get added security at home. While storm doors protect the main entry, they do not detract from the appearance and feel of your house. Mapleton Exteriors can install and replace a variety of storm doors.

    Fibreglass doors: Fibreglass doors are gaining popularity because they are very energy-efficient, attractive, and require no maintenance. Fibreglass is dent-resistant, hard to shatter and long-lasting! At Mapleton Exteriors, we can install a range of fibreglass doors to keep you safe from the Canadian weather.

    Steel doors: Steel doors are readily painted and long-lasting, although they exhibit wear and tear over time due to dents, scratches, and so on. Most steel doors have wood frames that must be painted every couple of years to stay in good condition. If you have recently purchased a steel door, please get in touch to get it installed professionally.

    Front entry doors: Entry doors must be sturdy enough to endure wind, rain, searing heat, and burglars while still being attractive enough to give a good first impression. We can assist you in installing a front entry door so that you can create a positive first impression on your visitors when they enter your home.

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